Work-Life Balance is a Myth!

We are not trying to bust the myth. We are merely pointing at the possibility of an outcome that will stand in your favor.

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About Exinfine Consulting

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We provide end to end back office management at a price that is not only competitive, but also wrapped with our domain knowledge, state of the art technology and proven operational excellence that can be leveraged to propel your business forward. We have served clients ranging from start-ups to established organizations. We offer solutions, support and services at an unmatched cost without compromising quality.

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EXINFINE stands for Expressions In Fine / Expressions Infinite

A product or a service is an expression of a paradigm based on a relationship built, nurtured and maintained.

You are one form away from realizing true possibilities and the probability for your business.
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Why Consider Us?

We have had the opportunity to serve very demanding clients in our recorded history. In few cases, we had clients ask for additional support, when all they wanted was a simple calendar management.


We believe in adding value, whether our clients realize the value add immediately or not, eventually we had our clients acknowledge our value add as the right choice. We are pointing at the efforts we put into a task at hand, and make sure the yield is not mediocre at best.


Looking at the bigger picture, our intention is to let our prospects and clients use our support and services to obtain information without losing Focus, even for a moment. Even this website is built with adherence to the concept of concentration, eventually making research and understanding a breeze.


We are constantly finding ways to innovate regular practices without demeaning the regularity and the consistency. We intend to do the same for our clients by providing services and support without compromising and lowering standards.

Exinfine Consulting

Why Us?

  • Develop and Grow your business with the help of our well informed, knowledgeable staff.
  • Research to us is not limited to google, but every day life. See how you can use our services to get in-depth information about any subject matter.

Focus on the Big Picture Bank on your Return on Investment Build Your Business

You are starting your business from scratch or you might be flying. However, the need for new prospects and clients will not stop with one deal or a timely service. Let us help you maintain or increase the momentum.



We offer support and services by Virtual Assistance. Manage your Supply Chain Business, or a dependent business like wholesale and retail. Precise, detailed book keeping and accounting for your business.

Virtual Assistance

  • Call Handling
  • Scheduling
  • Booking
  • Managing Lists
  • Prepare Spreadhseets
  • Maintain Records
  • Organize Calendar
  • Perform Research
  • Create Presentations
  • Administration
  • Provide Customer Service
  • Function as a first point of contact

Supply Chain Management

  • Master Record
  • Order to Cash
  • E-Commerce
  • Import and Export
  • Sales / Purchase Order
  • Delivery
  • Routing
  • Shipping
  • Factor
  • AR / AP
  • Credit
  • Reports

Web Development

  • Web Design
  • UI / UX
  • Web Applications
  • Graphics


  • Structure
  • FlowCharts
  • Logic / Design

More Services

Book Keeping

Recording day-to-day financial transactions of your business and documenting each financial transaction. Preparing source documents for all transactions and operations of your business.

Content Development

Sometimes great ideas could measure worthless if not properly conveyed to the user. We help you create, prepare and develop content that can capture the imagination of a prospect.

Digital Marketing

Interest always leaves a trail, use it to find possibilities for your business. We can help you convert an observer into an end-user.

Public Relations

Give us a phone number, an email id or a means to contact a prospect and we will change the paradigm of your business without losing focus on the necessary momentum.

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to embrace the possibilities and probability of an expectation.

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